Products: Milk Portions

Maid Range

Whole Mini Pots

These mini pots are convenient and simple to use and are more hygienic than leaving out a milk jug.

Half Fat Mini Pots

These mini pots are easy to open and store, with minimal wastage through perfect portion control.

Café Maid Mini Pots - Luxury Coffee Creamer

These mini pots allow your customers to enjoy a luxury creamer in a convenient format.

Lakeland UHT

Lakeland UHT Milk Pots - Whole Milk

Individual milk portions offering high quality long life milk with minimal storage footprint.

Lakeland UHT Milk Pots - Semi-Skimmed Milk

Individual milk portions filled with high quality long life semi-skimmed milk.

Lakeland UHT Coffee Creamer - Half Cream

UHT half cream portions allow your customers to enjoy the taste of cream in a convenient format.

Milk in a Stick